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At The ipi House we work to introduce others to many forms of Art they may not have had the opportunity to experience. We also promote Creators of Art to the global community as a positive force and a counter-balance to the worldwide violence and greed that seems so pervasive these days. We welcome all Artists, Artist's Endeavors or Art Events to submit their work and postings for possible inclusion on our multiple websites. 

We have worked within the Arts Community worldwide in multiple areas for over 40 years. Printed Art and Performing Arts; Theatre & Film. Performing, Writing, Production and Management. 

For 25+ years The ipi House has been dedicated to the preservation of Art on Paper.
As Archivists, we work to secure and digitally archive multiple genres of Art on Paper; 1st Edition Literature starting in the mid-1800's, Abstract Art from the 1920's and '30's, Concert Posters of the 1960's &'70's, Comix, Comics and Political/Underground Art.

You may enjoy our web series, THE PAPER EYE. Explored are important pieces of Literature and Art; the Artists, Authors, Publishers, Printers, and their histories. 
Though THE PAPER EYE is in English, the Art therein is Multi-lingual!

We thank all of you for the support, encouragement and subscriptions to our efforts. 

'Tis a pleasure, enjoy the show!
 Richard Suertudo,  Host; THE PAPER EYE web series
Member; The Rock Poster Society / The Society of American Archivists 

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Happy Birthday Abbie Hoffman!
Abbot Howard "Abbie" Hoffman; Nov. 30, 1936 – April 12, 1989
American political and social activist who co-founded the Youth International Party; "Yippies".

ABBIE HOFFMAN'S subversive underground book, 'STEAL THIS BOOK', written while incarcerated in the Cook County Jailhouse, 1970. Published in 1971. Penned while awaiting trial for helping to instigate the Chicago Political Riots that took place during the 1968 Democratic Party Convention, resulting in the Trial of the Chicago 7/8. 

ipi Activist, Author ABBIE HOFFMAN; 'STEAL THIS BOOK', Pirate Ed. 1971. 
Part I  Part II


With The 
ipi ArtSearch 2016, we visit a favorite; 
Diego Rivera  Palacio de Cortés  Cuernavaca  Morelos MX
Thanks to; Mexico City D.F., Mexico, PAS, Al Gomez and 
Tio Alonso Vidal Avila for the great tunes!


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In 2014 & 2015 The ipi House & THE PAPER EYE
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Here's to a great 2016!

Richard is a very knowledgeable and very friendly person.
I highly recommend you watch some of his 
ipi house videos.
Very informative for newer collectors and poster historians alike. 
The term 'genuine' comes to mind. 
He has always responded to my questions for anything; from how to repair a spine on an artbook with the correct adhesive and..."
"Check out The ipi House Archive Shop and watch the web series,
THE PAPER EYE, hosted by Richard Suertudo.
It's a project well worth becoming acquainted with."

Michael Anderson  April 2016 / June 2015 
"Fantastic Merchant! 
Willing To Negotiate and Great Communication!"

STEVO87 December 2015

"Excellent site and really love the variety!" 
Randy Schwartz  April 2015
"Thank you very much for the thoughtful time you spent enriching my life by helping me..."  Rosa Norge  June 2015
Re; Martin Sharp  "Thanks for the interesting link.  
I was in London in the 60's and it brought back some great memories."
Heather Brade 
Jan. 2015 

"I Bless the Day when THE PAPER EYE came to call!”

Barbara 'Willy' Mendes  January 2015


"Excellent Synopsis Of The Medium" Jane White 2015

"Richard, I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance
and learn about your work;
It's very impressive/tremendous work..."
Walter Ungerer  Dark Horse Films  January 2015
"I watched several of your videos on YouTube 
and enjoyed them very much. Great work. 
Thanks for producing such educational work
"I highly recommend Richard Suertudo's YouTube channel. 
I enjoyed watching several of his videos...It's all about the creative works that I grew up enjoying!"
John A. Mozzer  January 2015 



Patricia A. Stockton
Al Gomez
All of our Artists, Authors and Publishers.

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